The Many Wonders Of Classical Music

classical music

Classical music is not just about someone playing earnestly the hits of yesteryears with only a piano as instrument. Classical music is also not just about someone playing respectfully the hits of musicians with only a violin as instrument.

You see, classical music is about playing the hits of yesteryears just like they’re newly released today. You also see, classical music is also about playing the hits of musicians just like they’re still alive today.

Simply put, dedication and admiration – both of which make classical music more wonderful than any other kind of music in today’s generation.

Even more so, classical music:

Helps Keep Us Relaxed

There’s just something incredibly relaxing about classical music. You see, you will not just feel the emotions behind those first notes of a classical song. You also see, you will not just see the lives behind those first notes of a classical song. You will feel the emotions like they’re your own when listening to a classical song. You will also see the lives like they’re your own when listening to a classical song. Ultimately, it will keep you relaxed – all the while immersing yourself on what classical music has to offer even more for aspiring Mozarts and Bachs. Mind you, it won’t be just recognition.

Helps Keep Us Grounded

There’s also something incredibly grounding about classical music. You see, you will not just feel the sentiments behind those first notes of a classical song. You also see, you will not just see the lives behind those first notes of a classical song. You will feel these sentiments like they’re your own when listening to a classical song. You will also see the lives like they’re your own when listening to a classical song. Ultimately, it will keep you grounded – all the while immersing yourself on what classical music has to offer even more for aspiring Beethovens and Chopins. Mind you, it won’t be just recognition.

Meanwhile, here’s a great classical sample just for you.

Getting Ready: Your First Classical Music Recital


Classical music may have been around since the Medieval era, but it never went out of style. In fact, classical music has never been this appreciated as more professionals achieve their goals of becoming opera performers and more students fulfill their dreams of becoming Julliard prodigies.

There’s also our endless love for the world’s greatest composers like Ludwig van Beethoven, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Johann Sebastian Bach, and Frederic Chopin – whose symphonies are, until now, widely used around the world.

But for those who are getting ready for their first classical music recitals, whether in a piano competition or in a violin competition, nothing beats knowing that classical music itself still embodies what the world’s greatest composers have envisioned for their symphonies – music that speaks from the heart.

That being said, get ready for your first classical music recital by:

Dressing To Represent

Simple, yet elegant – that’s how people dress in classical music recitals. But much like how your music piece should also be, your recital dress should not just be simple and elegant. It should also represent who you are with classical music in hand, as well as what you are capable of with classical music in your heart. It should also represent who the composer is with classical music in his hand, as well as what he’s capable of with classical music in his heart. Overall, it should be simple and elegant, yet majestic and unforgettable for all time.

Listening To Remember

Even if you’ve already familiarized what piece you’ll be playing and memorized what notes you’ll be playing, it never hurts to make sure that your heart is truly in it by listening to remember. Remember every rhythm for each key you are playing. Remember every beat for each string you are playing. Remember every message your piece is looking to impart with other people. Remember that you are one with music, that you are music, that music is you – right there on the stage, along with a sea of heads waiting to hear your voice even without a single word being uttered.

Keeping Post-Holiday Blues at Bay


The holidays may be a whirlwind of activities, revelries, and excitement. But it is not often a happy occasion for everyone. For some inexplicable reason, some people feel the blues at some point for varied reasons. The good news is that there are fairly simple ways to brighten your mood and make the most of the positive energy all around.

1. Enjoy moments of solitude. If you spend most of the holidays hanging out with people – family, friends, and others, you may want to carve out some personal time. Enjoy moments of solitude, no matter how briefly, and bask in the peace and quiet. Or you can use the time for some quiet introspection or pursue relaxing activities that you love.

2. Listen to some classical music. The holidays can be quite a busy and stressful time. And there is nothing like listening to some classical music to try and regain your equilibrium. It is a great way to boost your mood and energy and relieve stress. It may even help you get some quality sleep, which can leave you feeling more energized to tackle all the things you need to do during busy days.

3. Start taking small steps towards your goals. The post-holiday season signals a fresh start to a new year. Focus on achieving mini-goals that will set you off to a great start in accomplishing your big goals for the year. It is much easier to overcome post-holiday blues when you divert your attention to positive things.

4. Do things that you are passionate about. Pursuing the things you love can take your mind off any lingering feelings of sadness. Now that the busy holiday season is over, you can devote more time on your interests. Rekindle your passions, take up a new hobby, get back to doing outdoor activities that you enjoy, and more.

5. Declutter, downsize, and organize. Decluttering and organizing your home is a great way to start spring cleaning early. Start fresh after the holidays by eliminating clutter to free up some space. Organize all your stuff to keep your home looking spic and span every day. Clean surroundings can help you calm and clear your mind.

6. Focus on the good. Look for silver linings in every unpleasant situation you may be dealing with. Set goals that can motivate you to take action instead of allowing sad thoughts to take root in your mind. Use self-affirmations to uplift you when the blues threaten to overwhelm you.

10 Best Cities for Classical Music Lovers

Imagine visiting places where some of the iconic figures of classical music have lived and produced their greatest works. Or imagine watching operas or live musical performances at world-renowned theatres and concert halls. From art and culture hub Berlin to music-rich Vienna, here are ten of the best cities in the world for classical music lovers.

Berlin, Germany
berliner philharmoniker
Top reasons to visit: Renowned classical music concert halls and venues, the Berliner Philharmoniker and the impressive list of illustrious conductors that have graced its halls, Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester Berlin, Haus des Rundfunks, Nikolaisaal Potsdam, Philharmonie Berlin, Radialsystem V, Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Berlin, Staatskapelle Berlin, roc Berlin – Rundfunk Orchester und Chöre Berlin; opera houses like the Deutsche Oper Berlin, Deutsche Staatsoper, and Komische Oper

Bologna, Italy
Teatro Communale
Top reasons to visit: A UNESCO Creative City of Music, vibrant classical music, opera, and ballet scene; the opera house Teatro Communale, the International Museum and Library of Music, the Philharmonic Academy, the Music and Show Department of Bologna University

London, UK
Royal Albert Hall
Top reasons to visit: Classical concerts and world-renowned events like the BBC Proms, classical music performance venues like the Barbican, Cadogan Hall, Royal Festival Hall, Royal Opera House, Wigmore Hall, and more, classical music media

Leipzig, Germany
Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra
Top reasons to visit: A classical music hub, once home to some of the greatest musicians and composers like Johann Sebastian Bach, the International Bach Competition Festival, musical attractions like the Bach Museum, the Grassi Museum of Musical Instruments, the Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra, MDR Studios – radio ensembles, the Mendelssohn House, the Schumann House, the St. Thomas Boys Choir, and the Thomaskirche (St. Thomas Church)

Milan, Italy
La Scala
Top reasons to visit: Mecca for opera lovers, the world-famous La Scala, Milan Auditorium, the Bagatti Valsecchi Museum, the Museo Teatrale alla Scale, the Museum of Musical Instruments, and the Verdi Symphony Orchestra and Choir

New York, USA
New York Philharmonic
Top reasons to visit: Avery Fisher Hall and the New York Philharmonic Orchestra, Bargemusic, Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, the Metropolitan Opera, and Park Avenue Armory among many others

Paris, France
 Palais Garnier
Top reasons to visit: A wide array of concerts and operas, historic and contemporary classical music concert venues, the Chopin Museum, Cimetière du Père Lachaise to see the tombs of some of the world’s greatest musicians and composers, concerts at the Sainte Chapelle, the Opera Bastille, the Palais Garnier, and the Paris Philharmonic

Prague, Czech Republic
The Rudolfinum
Top reasons to visit: Home to renowned composers, a city that Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart had lived, strong music culture, the Česká komorní filharmonie (Czech Chamber Philharmonic), Divadlo Kolowrat (Kolowrat Theatre), the Filharmonici města Prahy (City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra), Hudební divadlo Karlín (Karlín Musical Theatre), Národní divadlo (National Theatre), Pražský filharmonický orchestr (Prague Philharmonic Orchestra), Státní opera (State Opera), Stavovské divadlo (Estates Theatre), and more

Sydney, Australia
Sydney Opera House
Top reasons to visit: The world-famous Sydney Opera House that serves as home to the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, the outdoor opera at Sydney Harbor, a music hub not just for classical and opera enthusiasts

Vienna, Austria
Top reasons to visit: Home to several of the world’s most famous composers like Mozart and Beethoven among many others, a place where thousands of classical music live performances and events every year, a city that classical music is deeply-rooted, numerous concert halls and performance venues, music-centric attractions and must sees that include the the House of Music, the RSO ORF Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra, the Staatsoper, the Theater an der Wien, the Vienna Philharmonic, the Wiener Konzerthaus, Wiener Musikverein, Wiener Symphoniker, and more