Woodworking Projects for the Music Lover

Let your surroundings echo the song in your heart with these easy-to-do woodworking projects! With the right tools from Healthyhandyman, you can finish them without hassle.

Sign / Logo


With a jigsaw or a band saw, this project can be easily accomplished. Not only will you be able to get the results you want, but you’ll also be able to take your creative skills to the next level. You’ll also improve the way you handle things as jigsaws come with narrow blades. Besides, doing things yourself would be an excellent way to challenge your imagination and apply the techniques you’ve learned. Carving the word “music” or your log won’t only make your room or the house look sophisticated, but the result would also be something worth boasting about! If you have a music studio, you can also hang it by the door to welcome guests.

Table and Chairs


Design your own music table and chairs with a wood lathe, and you’ll be surprised by how well it’ll look like. Take note that a music studio requires a table for your computer, mixer, and other editing tools and gears. If there’s space in your studio, tables and chairs are also needed for the planning stage of your band or when you’re composing or reviewing a song. If you make your own furniture, it’ll also be a great way to bond with your bandmates. Besides, doing it yourself will allow you to express yourself as well. You’ll also be able to design them according to your preference, saying goodbye to pre-designed pieces of furniture that don’t look unique at all.


inside_music_cabinetLastly, you can also build your own cabinets to make sure your instruments are appropriately stored. All you have to do is befriend a couple of saws and a wood router for this project. You can plan it the way you want it to be from the length of the entire cabinet down to the number of drawers or layers. Cabinets will make your music equipment organized and will also allow your studio or your room to have more space for other things like your desktop and speakers.

Final Words

If you really are a lover of music, you’re going to appreciate woodworking a lot because they’re more similar than you think. Both of them enable you to express yourself, inspire others, and be creative. They also help you get rid of stress and instead, elevate your mood. As a matter of fact, woodworking is even proven to be an efficient way to fight the seemingly unavoidable writer’s block if you’re a songwriter/composer.

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